Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank You..

Hey blogger buddies... i felt so special when you all helped me last week-end, to plan my days ahead! I am so thanful to you all. Had a wonderful time and tried to do all but had too little time! Would try to do all, maybe some other time.... Thanks again... Cheers to all!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Please plan my day...

Yey! Its week-end... Ummm, what should I be doing this week-end? Its three days... Maybe I should be going out for shopping, coffees, hanging around (well, but where to hang around in male'), having fun and enjoying my off!!! Or.... what else??? Can you help me out to decide on what I should do....? pLeAsE!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Colours of Sunset

A walk on the beach, a moment counting the waves, a quick swim or a simple act of yoga under the moonlight, these are believed as ideal ways of relaxations which costs just a matter of time and effort to reach the beach. Watching the sun spread its rays over the sky as it rises and fading away the luminous colours as it sinks into the deep blue sea is one thing no one would want to miss. The sensation is indescribable. Soothes mind! Help to release stress. Maybe I should be taking a time out and watch the charming colours of the sunset more often!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where's my prince...?

Living life as a delusion doesnt satisfy me a bit... I'm always missing something! Something that I can turn for when I need to share my inner most thoughts, happiness and sorrows. Something I can rely upon and cry out my gut until I am satisfied. ...A someone who would take care of me and love me like I never feel what else is happening around me in this dreadful world! A someone who is meant for me forever.... Where's the charming prince I've been waiting for my whole life through... Will he ever come for me? Or I'll end up like this?

Star Dust Sparkles...

The magical wand of the fairy of the stars has just sprinkled upon my vacant life! It a whole new me now... I have got a motive to life for! As the sparkling star dust sprinkled on me, I saw this enchanted life before my eyes... I can now mingle all my thoughts here on this very own weblog of mine! All thanks to the fairy which came along, just a while ago!